June 14, 2014 (LBT) - Having established itself as the premier source of cutting edge culinary technology for the Sri Lankan hospitality industry, EuroKitchens aims to raise the bar further at Hotel Show 2014 with the introduction of an expanded, high tech product range. The EuroKitchens stall at Hotel Show 2014 serves as a single-stop knowledge resource for the industry on the latest technology and machinery available worldwide.
“Our stall at the Hotel Show 2014 is a first of its kind resource for the industry to gain invaluable experience on the latest technology, resources, equipment and service capabilities that are in use worldwide. The highlight of this year’s stall is the unveiling of the top of the line Lainox ‘Naboo’ oven which is guaranteed to make waves in the industry,” said Managing Director EuroKitchens, Shamrin Mohamed.
The launch of the ‘Naboo’ in February this year redefined the expectations of an industrial combination oven. Built to offer versatility, multi functionalism and efficiency – the ‘Naboo’ is a new breed in culinary technology. Designed to accomplish multiple specifications independently such as smoking, proofing and baking all in one unit; the ‘Naboo’ also comes with the technology to save preferences and specifications for future reference and eliminates the necessity for separate smoking equipment and stand-alone proofing chambers.
In addition to the company’s complete portfolio of products and services, the EuroKitchens’ stall at the Hotel Show 2014 will feature international industry specialist representatives from all of the companies from which EuroKitchens sources its products. Examples for the brands represented include Kolb - Switzerland, Astoria, Lotus ColdLine, Commenda and Lainox which are all from Italy and Blectec Blenders from USA. We would have a chef demonstrating on how we can use the ‘Naboo’ product and these experts will conduct demonstrations on the proper use and capabilities of the products, making it possible for customers to gain invaluable insight into the myriad of ways in which products can be leveraged to maximize efficiency.
Speaking on the high standards set for EuroKitchens, Shamrin elaborated, “On a global scale the evolution of technology and methods in culinary arts has paved the way for the introduction of better practices offering added convenience and satisfaction to the end consumer. These innovations have also resulted in opportunities to save energy, improvements in food preparation and preservation and the ability to prepare and hold food before serving even a very large number of diners simultaneously. The intrinsic properties of some dishes can now be preserved while others are being prepared for the same table. This is just an indication of the opportunities available.
The potential is truly astounding. “With the advent of peace, the Sri Lankan hospitality industry needs to fast-track progress to catch up to global standards. We play a crucial role in bridging this gap by making the latest international technologies available to local organisations. By giving Sri Lankan companies the same access to technology that western organisations have, they are empowered to excel on equal ground,” Shamrin added.
The company is built on core values such as trust, customer satisfaction and superior quality. EuroKitchens has established itself as the authority on all aspects of a wide range of facilities including swimming pools, parks, and gymnasiums, in addition to its core hospitality industry specialties such as hotels, restaurants, hospitals, supermarkets and bakeries.