Eurokitchens Trading & Contracting (Pvt.) Ltd, (EKTC) is incorporated in Sri Lanka and a member of Planning Office Postl Gmbh, Austria (POP).


EKTC is committed to venture into new business interest as part of it expansion program. In this regard, EKTC will positively consider strategic alliances, joint ventures, franchises, agency representations, and other associations which will not only enable to achieve the corporate objectives but also that will facilitate to diversify the Company’s portfolio and business interests, synergize its operations and resources, maximize efficiencies and effectiveness, and maintain highest quality standards

EKTC is the fast growing Trading and Contracting Company. ETKC has used some of the innovative ideas and have constructed buildings with modern technology and style. We take utmost care in the safety and design of the project and the value addition to the customers is the motto of our service. Compared to other similar companies we exceed the expectation of clients in terms of our core values such as Trust, Customer Satisfaction and Superior Quality...